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Pet Stains And Odor Treatment
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Water Damage Restoration
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Green Cleaning Alternatives
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Professional Cleaning Services in Rockville, MD

A new carpet costs a small fortune, and although your existing one might seem like a lost cause with the amount of dust, debris, stains and dirt that it has collected over the years, don't be tempted to buy a new one before giving us a chance to prove you wrong!

With innovative equipment and products, our professional carpet cleaners in Rockville, MD can restore the original look to any carpet, in almost any condition. Our work is fully insured and guaranteed to your satisfaction, which means that our job is not done unless you are satisfied with it. Imagine coming into your house and seeing your carpet as clean and bright as the day you bought it. And it's not only your carpet; it applies to furniture's upholstery, oriental or area rugs and any other floor covering.

Pet Odor Treatment
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Wide Range of Cleaning Services

There are many cleaning options available for our clients in Rockville, and we will further discuss all of them with you and assist you in making the best selection. Some of these options include:

  • Shampoo/Foam: This method of carpet cleaning has evolved over time. We will spray a cleaning agent onto the carpet, agitating the dirt within it, and then vacuum it out. Our shampoos and foams will not leave any residue, as some shampoos and foams will.
  • Bonnet/Pad: We will use a special, oscillating machine that drives a pad containing a cleaning solution into the carpet fibers to loosen the dirt. It works similarly to a floor buffing machine.
  • Absorbent Dry Compound: In this method, no water is used, so you can walk on your carpets immediately afterwards. We use a dry compound, which contains a detergent, and sprinkle it onto the carpet. We then vacuum it out.
  • Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning: This is one of the best methods for removing dirt, pollen, dust, dust mites and other allergens out from deep within the carpet fibers. This is a fantastic choice for allergy sufferers, and is also a green choice, as hot water is the only cleaning solution used.

Hot water, however, is an excellent cleanser due to its high temperature. We use a high-powered truck-mounted steam machine with a hose attachment that comes inside your home/office to finely spray hot water deep into the carpet and suck out the water and the loosened dirt and debris.

Suffering from a water damage emergency? We can help you handle the situation call us now 301-591-1734

Carpet cleaning specialists recommend you NOT to try DIY carpet cleaning, as there can be many mistakes made with improperly using chemicals, including staining or bleaching the carpet. Instead, save yourself money and time and call Hippo Carpet Cleaning Rockville, who are already knowledgeable about which cleaning solutions work on what carpet material. Call us at 301-591-1734.

For your high-traffic areas and difficult stains, our technicians will apply a pre-treatment solution formulated with detergents and solvents capable of dissolving oils, grease and other stains nearly impossible to effectively remove yourself.

We can also apply a solution to prevent against future damage. Your carpet was actually manufactured with a similar protecting nature, but it wears off over time. Our protecting solution restores that ability in your carpet. It also extends time between cleaning and improves the efficiency of vacuuming.

Sometimes, like addition to different types of stains, mold can appear in the house. Mold testing and inspection will help you find hidden fungus and keep you and your family healthy from the harmful effects of mold spores. If you find mold yourself, you should immediately contact a mold removal specialist to stop mold growth in your home.

Rockville Rug & Upholstery Cleaning

In addition to wall-to-wall carpet cleaning we are also available to clean your area rugs and upholstered furniture as well. Our specialists understand the delicate cleaning process involving pH-balanced solutions formulated specifically for each covering material and applying a neutralizing solution to restore the fibers back to their original state.

While we're there, allow us to clean your upholstered furniture and window treatments. Just like carpets, these materials trap dirt and other allergens, but most people clean them much less frequently than their carpets and rugs.

We're also very aware of indoor air quality, and we hope you're aware of it too. We provide air duct cleaning services to help improve the indoor air quality. The service is provided by Dustless Duct - air duct and dryer vent cleaning experts who will make sure your home is healthier and that all allergens traveling through the air ducts are removed from your home.

After having your air ducts inspected, and your carpets cleaned, what about those wooden floors that lost their gleam over the years? We've got the right solution for you. Contact Hardwood Revival's wood floors refinishing specialists and get the best treatment for your wood floors. Make your home clean and revived, top to bottom.

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